You learn something new everyday

I picked up a new life skill today. I learnt to tie my shoelaces. That’s right, at the age of 31 and thanks to the Internet I learnt to tie my shoelaces properly. I have always wondered why my laces never seemed symmetrical and why they came undone more often than other people’s. It turns out that I have been tying slip knots and I am not the only one. You can learn to fix the problem in less than a second (scroll down to the Fixing an Un-balanced “Slip Knot” section).

I also learnt how to tie a more secure form of shoelace knot and a fast knot called the Ian Knot. I find the secure knot easier to tie and probably will start to use it as my main shoelace knot.

Ian’s Shoelace Site has everything you ever wanted to know about shoelace knots and then some.

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