UPDATE: If you are reading this before the 2nd August 2006, please read and link to this post

[qdig path=dell2407 alt='Screengrab of the Dell 2407WFP Offer
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If you are lusting after the latest Dell 24″ monitor the 2407WFP but can’t quite stump up the cash, have a look at this page:


With the coupon they are going for Y78,300! (675USD, 385GBP), even without the coupon they are listed as Y87,000.

Offer lasts until 22nd March 2006. A little birdie told me that Dell Japan is really pushing for their end of finanical year quotas so I believe the deadline is real.

[Update] Yup, the offer is over. The new (online) price is Y95,800. I hope everyone who wanted one got it at the lower price.