Sweet Price on Dell 2407 (Japan)

UPDATE: If you are reading this before the 2nd August 2006, please read and link to this post

[qdig path=dell2407 alt='Screengrab of the Dell 2407WFP Offer
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If you are lusting after the latest Dell 24″ monitor the 2407WFP but can’t quite stump up the cash, have a look at this page:


With the coupon they are going for Y78,300! (675USD, 385GBP), even without the coupon they are listed as Y87,000.

Offer lasts until 22nd March 2006. A little birdie told me that Dell Japan is really pushing for their end of finanical year quotas so I believe the deadline is real.

[Update] Yup, the offer is over. The new (online) price is Y95,800. I hope everyone who wanted one got it at the lower price.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Price on Dell 2407 (Japan)

  1. Matthew

    Thanks! But buying the monitor in person here in Fukuoka at this price was not easy. Dell claimed that ad was an error, somehow. Anyway, thanks to your tip, I have gotten the new version of a monitor I have been eyeing for some time. Much appreciated.

  2. Ian Cheung

    I’m really happy that you got the monitor at that price. Not sure about Dell’s stance, sometimes they can be like that but they are usually more flexible when it is close to the end of their finanical year or quarter. :D

    When you get the monitor, tell us what you think of it. I was also thinking of picking up the older 2405 before the 2407 was released. (Unfortunately no space to put it). Maybe will do so sometime in the future as long as the price remains reasonable.

  3. Matthew

    Sure, I’d be glad to share my reactions after using the monitor. By the way, Dell says it won’t be delivered for four weeks. (That’s fine with us because we’re moving, anyway.) Thanks again.

  4. Ian Cheung

    Thanks :) 4 weeks ain’t too bad when you consider it isn’t even up on the main US site.

    Interesting to see that the new price is Y95,800. It’s slightly less tempting at 20% more than the offer price. :(

  5. Matthew

    Hey Ian. Just got the monitor this morning, Rev A00. Too soon for a conclusive opinion, and I haven’t tried a DVI-D connection yet, but I can say I’m generally pleased. Connected via RGB to a LaVie notebook running at 1920×1200, it seems nice to my untrained eye. Brightness may be inconsistent across the screen, though, and maybe there’s a single dead pixel. I’ll follow up later after checking it under different conditions. Wonderful for this price, in any case — thanks again for the tip. Can’t wait to use it when I finally get a new computer (Conroe, anyone?), but that will be later this year, well after any return period anyway.

  6. Ian Cheung

    Thanks Matthew,

    I’ve heard some horror stories about banding with the DVI interface on the 2407, hope yours doesn’t suffer from it. I think Dell fixed it with some firmware update (factory installed) so if you have any problems you should try to pressure them to replace it for you.

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