Our situation after the earthquake

Dear Friends,

Thank-you for your messages and thoughts. We’re safe and well in Osaka, so far. The earthquake was large but only affected the north/east of Japan. Actually the earthquakes (one large, one medium) did not directly cause many causalities but the resulting tsunamis did and have caused many deaths in coastal areas.

The nuclear situation is worrying, we have to rely on the news reports. Some interpretations say that even in the worst case scenario, the effects would still be ok and “contained”. I think it is too early to say, especially long-term. There’s not so much balanced foreign reporting, as news outlets can’t get out of their “news sells” pattern. Meltdowns/explosions are words that sell papers, or eyeballs. The facts are less clear. But we are in no immediate danger, as of 11am 14th March. Things could change by the hour. There is a 70% danger of another medium/large earthquake in the near future.

Our thoughts go out to those directly affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis. We trying to remain calm and get our heads round this all and see what we can do to help.
I will update this post and reply to comments as events change.

One thought on “Our situation after the earthquake

  1. Adriana Tanoue

    I do hope Japanese people keep strong, keep having hope and balance to deal with this horrible tragedy.
    I am a Brazilian, my Grandmother was japanese, even the long distance, I pray for you.
    God bless you all.
    Adriana Tanoue

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