IT Expert… hmm…

A friend called me an IT expert while having lunch together. I immediately said “no, I wouldn’t describe myself as an expert”. I wasn’t being polite or overly modest in my assessment but just reflecting the reality of the IT field. Sure I have a lot of expertise in certain areas but I know nothing in other areas.

When someone says “I’m the greatest or one of the best in xyz” I am reminded of the saying I learnt in primary school:

“A fool thinks he knows everything, a wise man knows he knows nothing.”

3 thoughts on “IT Expert… hmm…

  1. Xuan

    “When ignorant is bliss, T’is folly to be wise” has saved me on some occassions. Totally unrelated to your post though :P

    Something related though is the Salary theorem which i’m sure you’ve come across.
    Money = work/knowledge
    so as knowledge approaches zero…..

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