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An explanation

To those eagle-eyed visitors out there, yes the last 4 posts have been in Japanese. I just think of something I want to say, and if I lack the structures to say it I delve into my structures book and do some quick study. If I am still stuck I ask Rie to help me out with the bits I am having difficulty with.

The effect is two-fold, one is that hopefully I will get into the habit of making daily posts in Japanese and so do a little bit every day no matter how small and two, I will learn phrases and structures that I want and need to use. In contrast, from a text book I have learnt things like how to ask for directions but I never have and so have forgotten it all.

Anyway I’ll see how the experiment goes and if it does lead to an improvement in my communicative Japanese level. If someone spots mistakes in the posts please free feel to leave a comment to correct me. Thanks!


今日32度。 あつ!! でも寝るとき以外エアコンをなるべく使わないようにしています。