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The Story of Class 3 of the YWCA Summer Intensive Course 2006

On Friday we (Class 3) finished the Summer Intensive Course at the YWCA with a short play. For those who don’t understand Japanese it is the true story of what happened in class 3. この劇は実話に基づいていた :)

Arigatous go to Ed (the script-writer), Yamamoto-sensei who translated the script, and my fellow classmates Lisa, Romen, Nami, Fon, and Julien. Special arigatous go to all the audience for laughing throughout (we paid them to) and Tamura-sensei for helping us rehearse.

We had a fun time doing the play and I hope you enjoy it. (Your money will be refunded if you don’t) :D

[update: the google video version is available here]

Dell 2407 in Japan even cheaper (coupon code)

Hey if you are reading this before the 2nd August 2006 and want a cheap Dell 2407WFP 24″monitor and are in Japan, try this code.

DOC-4335-EPESHX-M-0 (cut and paste to avoid errors)

It should give it to you for just 69,800 Yen (that’s 600 USD or 325 GBP if you’re wondering)

The reason I’m posting this is that judging by my access stats this previous post about the 2407WFP is very popular. If you use the coupon leave a comment and tell us what the monitor is like. :) And please spread the word (reddit, digg, delicious etc.)



This is a Japanese expression meaning “jaw-dropping”. Which is how I felt when I asked a small Japanese language school if I could come down and talk to someone and look at the texts etc. I told them that I would only take up maybe 20 minutes of their time at most and that since I would be starting a full-time job in September I needed to take a lot of lessons as soon as I could. The guy on the phone told me that the earliest he could see me was in a week’s time! Normally I wouldn’t mention the name of the school but I feel that for students searching for schools the more information available the better. The school is called Ecclesia and is in Shoji, Osaka. If a potential student has to wait a week to see what the school is like then I have my doubts as to the flexibility of the school and how much they care about their students.

In the meantime, I signed up with the Osaka YWCA and am doing their Summer Intensive Japanese course. Great so far, apart from the difficulty of getting them to let me into the right level. But that’s a story for another time.